About Impex Stone & Tile

In 1992, Mukesh Bansal started the business as an importer of natural stone for residential and commercial applications.   It started as the marketing arm for the family run business of granite tile plant in India.

Shortly afterwards, the exterior natural stone division was established. At the time, we were the pioneers in providing the North American market with a unique selection of imported landscaping stones, in particular, sandstones and limestones from India. These striking stones are still quarried today, and are available through Impex. The connection with history and with world masterworks of architecture makes an important continuity from the past to the present, and adds to the richness of our exterior stone collection.

Our products have evolved over the years into diverse categories  such as natural stone slabs, cut to size projects, quartz, porcelain tiles and slabs.  We continue to provide the industry with the most innovative products and best customer service.

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