Material: Porcelain 

Finish:  Polished

Country of Origin: Italy

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The Favourite stone of the aristocracy, dating back to ancient Rome, used to clad building and so widely exploited over the centuries that the deposits and quarries of this highly sought-after, precious stone are now protected to prevent their depletion. Onyx inspires the veins and textures of Aesthetica which interprets its elegance in ceramic form and perpetuates its prestige, making it possible for anyone to create unique and aristocratic settings. Aesthetica Hegel & Wilde have an ultra-delicate cream background and streaks of white and hazelnut onyx.

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Available Colors

Hegel, Wilde



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Size Description Pcs/Box Sqft/Box
24”X48” Aesthetica Hegel 2 16
24”X48” Aesthetica Wilde 2 16


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