Material: Porcelain 

Finish:  Semi polished – metallic

Country of Origin: Italy

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Metallica is a project with hybrid fascination that stems from the desire to combine the most appealing aesthetic aspect of two contemporary materials par excellence like cement and metal. The material texture of the first is enhanced by the marks left by the incessant course of time on the second in a play of muted oxidation and delicate colours. Interpreted in 4 shades in 12”X24”, 24”X24”, 24”X48” formats. Metallica is the ideal design choice to give rooms a touch of metropolitan-style elegance with added industrial appeal. 

Additional information

Available colors

Bianco, Acciaio, Piombo, Bronzo


12"X24", 24"X24", 24"X48"

Packing info


Size Description Pcs/Box Sqft/Box
12”X24” Metallica Acciaio, Bianco, Bronzo, Piombo 6 12
24”X24” Metallica Acciaio, Bianco, Bronzo, Piombo 3 12
24”X48” Metallica Acciaio, Bianco, Piombo 2 16


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