Blue Agate


Material:  Semi-Precious Natural Stone

Color: Blue Agate

Application: Countertop ( 19 feet)

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Elevate your kitchen or workspace to new heights of sophistication with a Blue Agate semi-precious slab, exquisitely supplied and installed for a 10-foot countertop. This unique surface not only captivates with its stunning blue hues and intricate patterns but also features an enchanting translucency. 

With precision and care, a discreet and tasteful backlighting system has been installed beneath the countertop, allowing the Blue Agate to come to life in a soft, ethereal glow. This innovative touch adds a layer of ambient beauty, turning your countertop into a captivating focal point that seamlessly merges functionality with artistic allure.

 Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality as your space is transformed into a haven of modern luxury, where every moment is bathed in the soothing radiance of your illuminated Blue Agate countertop.

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Blue Agate


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