Calacatta Oro


Material: Porcelain 6mm

Color: Calacatta Oro

Application: Fireplace

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Ignite a sense of opulence and modern allure in your living space with a Calacatta Oro 6mm porcelain slab, supplied and seamlessly installed for a fireplace adorned in striking bookmatched elegance. 

This porcelain marvel meticulously replicates the luxurious beauty of Calacatta Oro marble, featuring a sleek 6mm thickness that exudes contemporary sophistication.

The bookmatched installation technique unveils a mesmerizing, mirrored effect, where the delicate veins and golden undertones seamlessly merge, creating a symphony of visual harmony. 

This fireplace becomes a focal point of refined design, where the Calacatta Oro porcelain slabs seamlessly blend into a breathtaking display of timeless artistry.

Indulge in the seamless union of cutting-edge technology and classic aesthetics as your fireplace transforms into a statement of modern luxury. With every flame, the bookmatched Calacatta Oro porcelain slabs radiate a sense of timeless grandeur, redefining your living space as a haven of contemporary opulence and style.

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Calacatta Oro


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