Calacatta Creek Evo


Material: Quartz 2 cm

Color: Calacatta Creek Evo

Application: Countertop & Island

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Elevate your kitchen to the pinnacle of sophistication with the Calacatta Creek Evo 2cm quartz slab, supplied and flawlessly installed for a captivating countertop and island ensemble. This exquisite quartz surface emulates the luxurious allure of natural Calacatta marble, featuring a 2cm thickness that strikes a perfect balance between durability and refinement.

The Calacatta Creek Evo quartz, with its subtle grey veins on a crisp white background, transforms your culinary space into a masterpiece of timeless design. Meticulously crafted and professionally installed, the countertop and island become a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic allure. As the heart of your home, this quartz duo effortlessly combines contemporary elegance with enduring style, creating a kitchen where every moment is a celebration of refined taste and quality.

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Calacatta Creek Evo


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